About NOAI

The 11:11 Philosophers Group hosts conversations, presentations, and performances designed to bring New Orleans in conversation with cutting-edge technological craft.

Photos from our 11/11/2023 Symposium

Key Themes

Our work is designed around key themes to instigate conversations that expand the creative possibility of technology in a way that can only be done in New Orleans.

Access + Equity

Innovation thrives in a meritocratic system that prizes social mobility. The rise of exclusive circles of thought leadership around AI threatens to limit that meritocracy to a small elite, a privileged club brought together by coded language and a promise of great wealth. We’re curious about how AI can find genius outside of established tech centers.

Art, Creativity, and New Orleans

From Jazz to Bounce, New Orleans is the birthplace of countless creative revolutions. The possibilities of AI are just emerging, and New Orleans is uniquely positioned to usher in a creative renaissance. What new work can we create with AI and how can we bring some of the creative flavor of New Orleans to that work?

The Latest & Greatest

Our full day of conversations and presentations at the New Orleans Jazz Museum invites thought leaders in AI to share new work and thinking. Topics include AI existential threat, training AI models, and using AI tools to benefit society today.

The Future

AI inspires long-term thinking about humanity. Key questions: Does AI mean humanity’s doom? How can we use AI to make future generations thrive? We hope to explore big questions that lead to future tech. And we hope you bring your own creativity to the conversation as well.