2023 Program

Our 2023 events expanded the conversation around AI education, creativity, and establishing AI culture bearers in New Orleans.

Symposium (10AM – 4:30PM)

9:00AMCheckin Opens
Coffee and pastries are provided.
10:00AMOpening Remarks
10:10AMAI in the Classroom
Conversation with Dr. Vicki Mayer (Tulane), Julia Lang (Tulane), and Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay (LSU). Focus on ethical and practical considerations around using AI with students, and developing new learning tools.
Panel Discussion
11:11AMNew Orleans 2033: How NOLA Becomes Culture-Bearer of the AI Generation
How can New Orleans nurture a new generation of creativity? A discussion with State Representative Aimee Adatto Freeman, Ramgopal Mettu (Tulane), and Gerard Ramos (Revelry). Moderated by Blake Bertuccelli-Booth (Equalify).
Panel Discussion
12:00PMUsing LLMs for Early Childhood Learning
Justin Obney (PayStar) introduces the state of Large Language Models and how AI tools can be used for early childhood learning.
Lightning Talk
12:15PMACX Lunch and Learn
Food from Sweet Soulfood is provided to all participants. Additionally, we’ll include a special discussion of Pause For Thought: The AI Pause Debate from Astral Codex Ten.
1:00PMDrum Interlude
Eleven-minute performance by Simon Lott.
1:11PMAlex Ebert’s EEG Machine
Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe) presents his latest musical creation.
1:40PMAI x-Risk: An Introduction to AI Existential Risk
A discussion with Noah Siegel (Google DeepMind) about his path to working with Google and his work on AI existential risk.
2:10PMHelping Students Read with AI
Shauntel Cooley introduces lessons learned from her work with AI reading assistant, Amira.
Lightning Talk
2:25PMAI From LLMs to Agents: A Journey Through the LangChain Ecosystem
Explore the LangChain ecosystem with Dustin Hughes and learn how it simplifies the process of building complex language models that make decisions and take actions based on user input.
2:55PMAI + Chess in New Orleans
The history of chess in New Orleans and the intersection of chess & AI with Baylee Badawy (ChessCave).
Lighting Talk
3:10PMAI for the Visual Creator
A conversation on using AI visual tools with Beau Ross (New Orleans Cinematic Universe), Luke Hawley (IBM), H. Cole Wiley (Tulane), and Zachary Pine (Tulane). Moderated by Joseph Makkos (IA).
Panel Discussion
3:50PMAI + Accessibility
How is AI being used to help people with disabilities? A conversation with Adam Wood (Adobe), Kevin Andrews (Georgetown), and Dr. Saad Hassan (Tulane). Moderated by Blake Bertuccelli-Booth (Equalify).
Panel Discussion
4:20PMClosing Remarks & Performance
Music by Sly Watts.

Symposium Location:
New Orleans Jazz Museum
400 Esplanade Ave., NOLA

Live Performances (5PM – 9PM)

The program includes:

  • Foodtrucks (food for purchase)
  • Chess Games (Chess Cave)
  • AI Creations from The Electric Monks
  • A performance Very Cherry
  • Plus, more!

Live Performances Location:
Operation Spark
514 Franklin Ave., NOLA

Afterparty (10:22PM – till)

Come for DJs, dancing, & food (for purchase)

DJ sets from C’est Funk & The Archivist.

Afterparty Location:
Vaughan’s Lounge
800 Lesseps St., NOLA