Vicki Mayer (Tulane University) on rebooting the teaching mission with AI

Headshot of Vicki Mayer


  • How to broach questions of academic communication and conduct around tool use with different stakeholders.
  • How to write an AI policy for students in the classroom.
  • Good AI etiquette in assignments.


Vicki Mayer, a distinguished scholar with a distinct blend of practical and academic expertise in communication and digital humanities, delves into the intricate, multi-faceted universe where AI intersects with academic pedagogy.

Serving as the Associate Dean of Academic Initiatives and Curriculum in the School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University, Dr. Mayer brings a wealth of insight derived from her extensive background in both navigating and pioneering digital initiatives in an academic setting.

In her discussion, Dr. Mayer will wade through practical, legal, and ethical dimensions of integrating AI tools into pedagogy, anchoring the dialogue on key pillars including academic communication, AI policy formulation for student engagement, and maintaining AI etiquette in assignments.

Her own journey in fostering student and community voices through digital platforms casts light on the essentiality and complexity of maintaining ethical considerations, especially when employing AI in an educational paradigm. Dr. Mayer is notably at the forefront of digital humanities initiatives like ViaNolaVie, a cultural magazine crafted alongside students and community members that not only amplifies local narratives but also pivots on the digitization of cultural preservation and stories.

In an interactive dialogue, Dr. Mayer plans to chart a course through the technological and ethical landscapes of employing AI in academia, underpinned by Dr. Mayer’s empirical understanding of community-based settings and her strides in ensuring accessible, open access to research and cultural stories.