Kevin Andrews (Georgetown University) on Benefits, Risks, and Possibilities for AI Users with Disabilities

Headshot of Kevin Andrews, Accessibility Expert

Kevin Andrews, an accessibility specialist at Georgetown University with comprehensive knowledge of web accessibility will facilitate a dialogue on the utilization and potentialities of artificial intelligence (AI) in augmenting accessibility, particularly for blind users. His expertise extends to evaluative testing and mitigating accessibility challenges within static and dynamic websites, as well as mobile applications, to align with and exceed industry standards.

Andrews will lead a discussion based on:

  • Exploring gaps and opportunities in existing research related to AI and accessibility for blind users.
  • Considering ethical considerations and potential unintended consequences of integrating AI technologies in accessibility solutions.

This discourse aims to foster a critical conversation around the implications, challenges, and future directions of AI in enhancing accessibility, underlined by Andrew’s substantial background in accessibility consultation and technological application. The talk is slated to be an interactive session, encouraging engagement and dialogue among those with little or no experience with digital accessibility.